• Charlotte Fantelli

Branded's 'Bubble' Film New Trailer in Lockdown

Branded Studios have been bubbled this week to create something very special! The Finding My Feet Biopic charting Simon Sansome's incredible life was all set to be produced this week, and, despite a few minor adjustments... We have proceeded as planned despite national lockdown.

The stars of the film include the gorgeous CBBC presenter Sarah=Jane Honeywell, Scottish Stud Olly Bassi and living legend Graham Cole OBE.

Having to bubble cast and crew has been a blessing in disguise as the cast were able to spend more time with the man himself. Olly Bassi who plays Simon Sansome was able to spend a couple of days in Simon's wheelchair living and breathing life confined to his wheels.

Charlotte Fantelli tells us 'It is a very intimate environment living in one house together for the duration of the production, in a scenario like this, where we can get to live with the real people behind the biopic, it really adds to our creative understanding and, instead of hindering the process, we feel really blessed to have this quality time together.'

Find out more here.

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